How to use a deep fryer


Using a fryer might seem easy but it is only at the first glance. When it comes to a real practice and frying process itself the person is at a loss and starts looking for the instructions. This is all fine, as not all of us are professional chefs or cooks and for some people it is their first experience using the fryer.

There exist lots of foods we sometimes want to fry and the main idea here is to use the right technique for each food. By doing that the taste of the food will be just excellent. In order to learn what steps should be taken to fry this or that kind of food, we offer you the following mini-instruction with the help of which you will become a successful cook.

NOTE* Notice that these 8 steps are counted for those who use an actual deep fryer, in no case turkey or an air fryer.


STEP #1 – choosing and filling the deep fryer with the oil

The main idea here is first of all to choose the best oil, which is neutral and will not have any flavor. Second of all is the process of filling the deep fryer with the selected oil itself. And here be careful to not under or overfill the device. All deep fryers have a special maximum or minimum fill line, therefore I’m absolutely sure you will not experience any problems with that step.


STEP #2 – turn the deep fryer on and set the right temperature according to the type of food

As there exist many models and brands of deep fryers, the manufacturers have designed different ways to turn the unit on. First of all, it can be turned on by simply plugging it into a socket, second by switching to the on position and third by setting the right temperature. Having turned the temperature on, stay there for a while and make sure that the set temperature is correct and doesn’t over heat. Usually for deep frying the temperature is between 350 -375 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are the lucky one and have a deep fryer that is equipped with the thermostat then you shouldn’t worry about the temperature at all as it sets it correct automatically. Therefore, if it is your first deep fryer, better select the one that has a thermostat as its feature.


STEP #3 – food has to be dry

Before putting any food in a fryer, make sure that it is not wet. Water and oil can’t be mixed together. The most popular food to deep fry is potato and when one cuts it, it is still a bit wet therefore before putting it into the oil dry it with a paper towel or cover it with butter etc. Also a kitchen towel might be used. In case if you don’t dry the food and put in into the oil in a wet condition, it will start spitting which may lead to a dangerous situation.


STEP #4 – no rush – put the food inside slowly and carefully

When selecting the deep fryer make sure it comes with a basket which will make the lowering of food easier, safer and faster. Simply take the basket, put all the ingredients you wish to fry inside and lock it back in the fryer. Despite this, some models don’t come with a basket and that’s where you should be very careful with putting the food inside. Also one can use a special slotted spoon for this purpose.

In any case, with basket or without it, you should still be very careful. Be sure that the food is dry, covered in butter or something else.


STEP #5 – set a timer

Some foods are cooked in a short period of time taking only a few minutes whereas others take a little bit longer. And of course everyone wants the food to be crispy and for that he/she should take it off the oil at the right time and here is where the timer is needed. If you forget about your frying process by simply being busy with lots of things, the food will lose its natural ingredients, will 100 percent be overcooked and won’t be tasty anymore.

To not let it happen some deep fryer manufacturers include a built-in timer that helps a lot. But again if your model isn’t equipped with a timer it is not a problem at all, as you can set it on your phone, microwave etc.


STEP #6 – when the food is ready, slowly and carefully take it off the hot oil

Here again we face the fact of the presence of a basket. When the food is ready and fried, the owners of a deep fryer with a basket should carefully lift it out of the device. For those people, who don’t possess a basket – use a slotted spoon to “catch” the food. Do it slowly as the oil will drip from the food ensuring that it is not fat and absolutely healthy.


STEP #7 – wait until the food gets dry by putting it on a drying rack

Nobody wants to eat the food that contains too much oil and exactly for this one has to take the basket of the fryer put it on the drying rack so the oil has a chance to drip. Another way to get rid of water, is to dry it with a towel. In this way, the food will be crispy and delicious.

Not following these recommendations literally means eating too much oil which is not good for health. One should understand that while the food is going through the drying process- all the unhealthy elements are removed. Also waiting a little will not hurt you – it is way better than shouting when you mouth is full of hot oil.


STEP #8 – Enjoy the food!

Even if you are a novice at using a deep fryer, don’t be scared to try different foods as well as recipes, try to use your machine at its fullest. Though always remember that while cooking the main point is always a safety. Being safe will lead to an amazingly delicious food.


Every deep fryer comes with a manual and instructions by following which one would soon become a pro in the frying process. Some deep fryers even include the recipes and that is also a chance to make the best dishes. Therefore carefully and attentively read the manual and follow all the tips written in it.



In order to not get burned or get any injuries, follow these tips:

  • never fill more or less oil than it is shown on the fill line;
  • don’t put more food than the fryer is capable to cope with;
  • don’t forget about the time using a simple timer for this purpose;
  • before lowering the food into the fryer make sure it is 100% dry to not cause splashes;
  • maintaining – after the deep frying, wait until the machine is of a home temperature;
  • be careful with the cord to not snag it;
  • to be 100%  safe – keep the handy extinguisher near.

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