Oil less fryer how does it work

air fryer - how does it work

If you are thinking of buying a new cooking gadget that will heal you to save much time and prepare low-fat food, then you have heard about an air fryer. But what is it and does it cook healthy meals without adding oil?

All those questions bother customers who want to get rid of their storage filled with old sticky pans. If you begin using an air fryer, you can forget about hassle in the kitchen. All you should do is buying food, putting the ingredients inside and starting the process.

You can find helpful information according to how exactly an air fryer works below. It has three main features: Rapid Air Technology, Exhaust and Cooling Systems, which differ this particular device from the storage of slow and torturous pans.

Rapid Air Technology

air fryerDue to a Rapid Air Technology your food will get ready double the speed comparing with ordinary pans or ovens. The cooking chamber spreads the heat out, which locates very close to the food. This way the ingredient will get cooked faster and more effectively. Also, there is an exhaust fan that creates quick hot air flow inside the basket. The manufacturer guarantees that your meal will be done 100% from each side. Therefore, you do not have to mix it or move from one side to the other. The hot air goes through the double bowl, without losing the energy.

According to a two-way heat built-in system, you meals for example chips can be done in 15 minutes, while traditional ovens take about an hour to make potato slices cooked and crispy. The rule that you have to add a lot of oil to make proper chips is a myth. When using this helpful device, you do not have to pour a drop of oil, and still your food will taste delicious. The heat does not dry the food out, but only makes it ready for eating. The radiation from the top and convection from the bottom create the right temperature for cooking food very fast. It is an amazing device if you are waiting for guests to come. Just fill the bowl of an air fryer with the necessary ingredients and start an action. Set the time (approximately 30 min) for the best taste and look of the meal.

There are millions of people who choose junk food. We all are aware that eating such type of food often is not the best idea for being in a good shape and feel strong. From now on you can cook fries, meatballs and other favourite meals without an excessive amount of oil. Use some oil or butter to give your food nice look and more flavour, but an air fryer will do a great job without adding them as well.

Exhaust System

You can simply recognise what someone cooks by the smell. The smell of a crispy chicken in a restaurant is good, but if your house smells like it, you will not like it. An air fryer has got an exhaust system that filters the extra air before releasing. That is why you will never have any odors in your kitchen and rooms. The exhaust system begins working when the air is hot enough. The steam and smoke exhaust inside, before they are released into the air.air fryers2

Cooling System

To control the internal temperature, there is a cooling fan on the motor. The fresh air passes through a few filters, which helps to cool the internal parts of the appliance. Not only the cooking gadget gets cool, but your food as well. Therefore, you can serve food and start enjoying it just after the action of cooking stops.

Start cooking wonderful meals without decreasing the nutrition value now!


Oil less fryer how does it work
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