Air fryer vs Nuwave oven

Nuwave 20326Fortunately, the majority of people have left storage of old and almost broken kitchen appliances and start to use new and full of convenient features cooking gadgets instead. Nowadays, popular brands for cooking tools offers incredible stuff for cooking delicious meals faster, tastier without losing vitamins.

As long as eating is still the most important process for living, you must care about how you cook it. Considering healthy diet, you will not only prolong your life but will feel better every new day. You do not need to have your kitchen stuffed with saucepans, frying pans and other tools that can be replaced with two perfect devices: Nuwave Oven and the Air Fryer. These wonderful cooking gadgets are in top choice for customers, who care what they eat, how fast their food can get ready, how healthy and tasty it is. Having one of them simple ingredients will turn into festive meals.

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Let’s look through the review of the Nuwave Oven. See what advantages this magic gadget has and how it will benefit your life.

  • Suitable for cooking that needs infrared, conduction and convection
  • The gadget does not use the option of preheating, which saves your time
  • Start cooking without thawing or defrosting food
  • Various features such as broiling, baking, roasting, steaming, barbecuing, dehydrating, and air-frying make this cooking appliance demanding
  • The tool collects dripping oil or fat
  • This device saves all vitamins and flavour even while cooking on the highest temperature level
  • Your meals get done 50% faster comparing with traditional ovens
  • Easy to clean
  • Low cost considering all features

As you see, the Nuwave Oven has lots of pros, that sound very convincing. Plus, by using this modern cooking gadget your kitchen will not get hot, like with usual ovens. This makes the process of cooking comfortable and simple, especially in a summer time. The company has sold more than three million units so far!


Despite numerous advantages of the Nuwave Oven, the manufacturer warns about some weaknesses, which you need to remember when making a purchase.

  • Cooking times are not certain. Even if you are going to set the time, you cannot be sure that your meal will be ready. This means you cannot rely on this gadget if you want to fill it with ingredients and leave the house. Otherwise your meal can be undercooked
  • The plastic dome can crack in a year or two. To replace it will cost around 15-45$ excluding shipping fee. In the worst case scenario, the price for replacing the dome is the half of the cost for the whole gadget.

Due to these two cons, customers came up with a new question: Is there a better cooking appliance? Luckily yes and its name is Air Fryer.


How does the air fryer work?

The newer product for cooking is the air fryer, and it can easily replace a lot of unnecessary utensils in your kitchen. The Air fryer shows much better performance when cooking, and its durability is excellent. Those people, who have already tried it, give the highest rate. The Air Fryer can be also called as the top device for low-fat cooking, as it does not need oil to prepare food. If you think about starting a healthy lifestyle, then this amazing multi-functional cooking tool will become your best friend.


Features of the Air Fryer

  • Fry food without adding oil or butter
  • The cooking temperature degree reaches 200 C, that still keeps vitamins foods
  • Set of roast, broil, bake and grill options
  • Built-in cooling system and exhaust
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Regulated time and temperature control
  • The best tool for people with busy lifestyle
  • Perfect value
  • Comes with a recipe booklet of tasty low-fat or non-oily dishes
  • Easy to clean (possible in dishwasher)

In conclusion, it would be better to say that every customer has to rely on his/her needs. What do you need a new cooking gadget for, are safety and fast cooking in your priorities and do you care about your diet? After answering on all questions, choose the right device for making cooking process simple but food tastier.

You will probably choose the second appliance – the Air Fryer as there is no alternative on the market yet. Also, its price is the best deal you can make!


Air fryer vs Nuwave oven
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