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The statement that junk food can be healthy will probably cause the smile on your face. How junk food can be healthy? Believe it or not, junk food can be 100% healthy if you do not use oil. With a perfectly new kitchen device Philips Air Fryer, you can enjoy meat and chips without adding extra oil. If you are fond of deep-fried cooking dishes, then you definitely should get this wonderful kitchen tool!

The Philips Air Fryer offers a technology, which includes heating up the food from all sides. You do not have to add oil to make it crispy, as the heat will make it crunchy anyway. Comparing with usual fryers, this smart device will keep the best taste and vitamins in food, saving its nice appetitive look. For example, if you like your chips get done in a short time, then The Philips Air Fryer will do it for you. Once you start eating low-calories junk-food, you will believe in its magic. Enjoy your favourite meals without adding calories and cholesterol that eventually turn into fat and extra pounds on your body.


The device needs up to three minutes to get hot enough to start cooking. Use a certain temperature for cooking specific foods, as some meals need only the hot air procedure

  1. There are two compartments for cooking food. Place the ingredients in one of the compartments and wait till your food gets ready to eat. You will be surprised how fast the air fryer prepares your tasty meals
  2. This multi-functional air fryer offers you two portions. Use the top one for grill and fan, and the lower basket for frying. This way you can cook two different type of foods at the same time
  3. You choose the size of a portion yourself. This air fryer will cook around 700 chips (due to two compartments) as well as a meal for two people (one grilled, and another is fried)
  4. The highest temperature possible is 200 C, which is a good level for cooking food properly
  5. The device has a timer, which is a great assistant. For instance, you can set the time for 30 minutes and do your stuff, without checking how good your meal is cooked. Also, the times will serve you in saving electricity and cook meals without burning.


Does the Philips Air Fryer cook food without adding oil?

Obviously it is the most frequent question, as the Philips Air Fryer says it cooks oil-free meals. If you want to start completely healthy lifestyle, then use this kitchen gadget without a drop of oil. But, if your wish is to decrease calories and the level of cholesterol and still enjoy food with flavour, then you can add some oil. During the process of grilling or frying, the food sucks oil in and become full of that delicious taste, we all know and like very much. What is really important is that you do not have to spill half of the bottle with oil to make potato slices crispy. Also, oil gives your meals nice and attractive look. You will agree that shiny chips look better than just dry potato strips. So the question of adding oil or not is for your considering, but there is no necessity to add some for cooking. You can add butter, instead of oil, which will give your meal even better flavour and texture.

Men, who have already had a chance to cook with the Philips Air Fryer, say it was an excellent experience, as they did not have to do anything, which will make them confused. Just add the ingredients, pour some oil if needed and start the appliance. Set the time and do your things while the dinner is getting ready!

If you have a high level of cholesterol or gastric problem, the Philips Air Fryer will become your best doctor. No need to change the diet, you still can eat whatever you like. All you need to change is your cooking tool.


Is it easy to clean the Philips Air Fryer? What about smoke?

According to the cleaning, the Philips Air Fryer includes a removable basket, which can be washed by hands or in a dish washer. If you do not use oil while cooking then you will find cleaning even faster and simple. Plus the outer side of this particular air fryer has the Teflon coated surface, which you can wipe with a tissue.

You know what is going on in your kitchen when you do chips. There are smoke and a bad oily smell, which does not allow you to have dinner with guests, as it spreads around your whole house. Comparing with simple frying pans or traditional fryers, the Philips Air Fryer has an odor filter, which prevents the smell from the cooked food inside.


Advantage of the Philips Air Fryer in comparison with other low-fat cooking devices:

  • The option of grilling food makes this cooking gadget the best. You may cook meat on the highest temperature level quick without adding oil
  • The air fryer makes vegetables crunchy in 15 minutes
  • If using timer, you save electricity and get your meal done perfectly without undercooked issues
  • The adjustable 380F makes the air fryer the most compatible
  • A stylish look will suit any kitchen design

The Philips Air Fryer includes a recipe’s book for making the most out of it. Apart from its all features, you can learn about new ways of cooking tasty meals for yourself, your family members and guests. For some people cooking without oil sounds very plain. But, with fresh ideas of using your favourite ingredients and cooking them in the Philips Air Fryer your outlook on oil-free food can change. Find the recipe booklet for making new meals and teasing your loved ones. The most important is that you can prepare meals full of flavour without any negative affect for health.


Amazing gift – the Philips Air Fryer

Firstly, make an amazing gift for yourself by getting The Philips Air Fryer. Begin a healthy lifestyle with a new kitchen tool now. This very air fryer can be a perfect gift for your parents or children. The Christmas is probably the most common time for many people to start a resolution. With your gift, your relatives will be happy to cook low fat foods every day. Also, the air fryer is a pretty gift for a wedding, house moving occasion or a birth of a baby.


Why you should buy the Philips Air Fryer

This incredibly clever appliance will make you feel happy every time you put the ingredients in the basket. It shows the best performance, considering the speed of cooking and the result in particular. Unless, you will change your mind about the price…

The Philips Air Fryer will cost you around 200 USD, but it worth to get it if you became interested in everything that was mentioned above. The company brand ensures durability and a long term of functioning. Remember about your health, first of all, but do not leave the fact that healthy and low-fat homemade food should taste like in best restaurants.

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